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tv   Headline News  RT  August 6, 2014 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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really. what's inside. russia calls for international action to stop the humanitarian crisis in the. east ukrainian cities kiev meantime says the issue is being blown out of proportion. by death destruction and have a thousands of refugees lined up at ukraine's border with russia and here and we follow those forced to leave their lives behind on their journey to safety. u.s. officials now confirming a new insider is leaking secret surveillance documents to the media more than a year off to edward snowden began lifting the. ceasefire is holding between hamas and israel after a near months long i.d.f.
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onslaught in the tiny territory killed almost nineteen hundred palestinians. worldwide news live from moscow thanks for joining us on aussie international for me rory sushi and the whole crew a very good morning to you. people in east ukraine second biggest city over low ganske say life there has become unbearable since army troops began the siege half of the residents have abandoned their homes and with constant interruptions to power and water supplies the little food getting through as well the council there in the city has announced a humanitarian crisis the phone connections been severed social networks are boiling with attempts to get any information from those people trapped in lugansk we've managed to get some accounts of what's happening online my parents and
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relatives are on the ground there are no gunshots anymore only by arguments and they're aimed at residential houses which are being destroyed this is you ation is critical the signs don't work emergency services on fixing their electricity quickly enough there are empty shelves in the stores people are scared to go outside to buy food in the street markets and the prices they are astronomically high the crisis was of course in the spotlight during the latest u.n. security council session but it seems that kiev's representatives don't share the view of their own citizens there is no need to monitor and crisis in ukraine as it is continued to be portrayed by our russian colleagues by the russian ambassador has called for swift international efforts to stop civilian suffering moscow in fact initiated the emergency meeting of the un security council more details now
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from the u.n. headquarters in new york is artie's alexia ships. there's a general acknowledgement in the united nations as we could have heard from that meeting that this situation is a full blown war at the moment with more and more casualties every day more and more i.d.p.'s every day insecurity and violence prevailing in conflict areas resulting in a steady worsening of the humanitarian situation fighting has caused significant damage to infrastructure affecting the power and water supplies and access to basic services how supplies are running low and an estimated seventy percent of health personnel have fled to and this will continue to deteriorate for as long as firelands persists so what in the rush to the united nations offered is international intervention into this humanitarian catastrophe first of all that would involve convoys with humanitarian aid internationally supervised and internationally wanted to order moving from russia to ukraine because as i've said and as mr schorr can underline the situation is getting serious every day
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a teller eat tanks as well as grad rockets have used locals the same phosphorous and cluster bombs are still being used there is indiscriminate shelling of housing and walks and critical civilian infrastructure in many small towns about eighty percent of houses have been destroyed according to the most conservative estimates more than six hundred buildings have been razed to the ground while representatives of russia china chile and un officials what talking about as a great humanitarian situation representative of france said talked about the sanctions against russia and out of oil the united states said that there is no need for more international help at this site because people from the from international get isolations already there they just need access to the sites and that it's up to russia to provide that and to stop this fighting in eastern ukraine . and attempts to flee the war zone or even just getting around in areas which haven't yet suffered heavy fighting is getting increasingly dangerous
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a video we've just received from the region clearly shows that will bring out the pictures for you proportionally showing the moment when a rocket hits the highway right there the driver somehow survived he says that's because he had actually plated his vehicle in advance. now ukrainian officials say several civilians have been killed by artillery fire on the outskirts of danielle scott the second key antigovernment stronghold we've been getting reports of heavy fighting going on there between kiev's troops on the local militias there as well that also went on through the night that so show them up here on r.t. international to give you an idea ukrainian the army they're saying to be closing in on this city there have been reports it is bolstering its ground missile systems with kiev saying it is preparing for a decisive offensive we're hearing right now on r.t. international the outskirts of donetsk already coming under fire and we spoke to
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a local journalist who got there minutes after the shelling. for a lot of he argue on the regime until it has come under a tool required almost the very center of the district which is a huge supermarket there's at least one victim in the shelters an office building in a bar there were about five or six massive blasts and they hit a residential area in the biggest these two governments near the supermarket and there are still there were no self-defense forces who. have been to desperation by the now four month long army offensive thousands have been fleeing the conflict zone to russia forced to leave their lives and homes behind artie's maria for national now reporting from one of those border crossings. in each of these cars individual stories of anger uncertainty and canals. these ukrainians are fleeing their homes from russian have to months of conflict against next to well
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over one thousand civilians dead and reduce tell cities to rubble the people in these cars have already spend six or seven hours sitting in line waiting to cross the border which is still a kilometer away but they say they are ready to wait as they practically have no other choice but deal overcook. well bill original plans made up of the marshal service you. can even use moco got more snow with this train you don't usually many of the cars here have a sign saying they've got children on board the war doesn't discriminate between age or gender only no trouble i go to is it safe to begin with two kids who get. what you wish for peace will get us closer to his nose the way that little little girl can cost a point you know which of you which is going to this is where many refugees will end up when they make it across the border to russia and people here are angry.
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because i saddam also but also my but i still not all feel worse if certain broughton i say i'm a bitter measure what it really could be to what i thought did scopes across florida. the court or the doctor says he's handling his need to go back to growing your store the more you draw. your thoughts insure your rights for abortion the no rights group over for. most of what are you and your good here to use if you can't be ethical. he invites me to see where they found shelter the rest so many refugees many don't have a proper place to sleep. because his wife also doctor tells us how she lost her home and use those to design. before i know. i didn't have to be a regular dorm farkle. if you get
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a. crush this could be cheap this camp is designed for a thousand people but there are at least twice as much here now every afternoon officials managed to send up to three hundred refugees from eastern ukraine to different parts of russia but every evening even more around these people have managed to escape the war but their fight for a peaceful life is just beginning. to meet notion from russian ukrainian bolton. has been in the thick of both the violence and the humanitarian crisis under way across ukraine's restive eastern regions going to keep across the very latest developments with all of the reports he's been sending us. you tube channel . good to have you with us today here on r.t. international the u.s. government has hundreds of thousands of seemingly innocent people on its terrorist watch list according to the very latest revelations in the media but the secret
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information this time it wasn't leaked by edward snowden there's a new insider in town and washington is scrambling to track him down his guy nature . online news source the intercept published an article this tuesday titled barack obama's secret terrorist tracking system by the numbers where its authors will unwind of the off site an unnamed source in the intelligence community the documents that the sources provided to journalists cast aware light on the u.s. government's use of ever expanding federal watch list of suspected terrorists according to the journalists report more than forty percent of the six hundred eighty thousand individuals listed in the u.s. terrorist screening database have quote no recognized terrorist group affiliation it's about two hundred eighty thousand people their names being shared with local
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police agencies contractors and governments around the globe so nearly half of the people on the u.s. government's widely shared database of terrorist suspects are not connected to any known terrorist group the source couldn't be edward snowden because the document featured in this latest intercept story is they did august two thousand and thirteen that would be weeks after snowden identified himself as the source of the n.s.a. leak and had already arrived in moscow there's someone new willing to take the risk of revealing what the u.s. government is doing under the umbrella of national security someone who probably wants to change something but sees no way to do that other than turning to the press and to the public whistleblowers on so you can shoot risks to get the truth out since there's no strong laws to protect them in america and that's according to defense analyst ivan eland. snowden wiki leaks they lost massive amounts of secrets
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and so i think they're probably very nervous that they've got another leaker and maybe they don't know who it is the u.s. government doesn't care about this so blowers are very dedicated because they're there's all sorts of informal and formal sanctions against the whistleblowers they're supposed to be laws that protect them the but they're in the united states they're probably not. strong enough so so are you see people taking risks to make the story known why still ahead for you here on the program the long awaited t.v. debate on scottish independence to look at the heated arguments bitter exchanges of the two rivals also coming up here on r t international learn how the russian empire contributed to the allies cause in the first world war and ultimately what price it paid when the war came to an end. in justifying their stance they're citing all sorts of what they see as
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international pass a dance in cost of what they are coming referendum in scotland but the response that they're hearing from the one is that what you're saying is illegitimate but what we've been doing is just a little like the measure if you break into their story good luck to america does is right rules are made for other people for countries like russia or countries like this trade that by going to america does is right because america doesn't. do we speak your language. the programs in documentaries in arabic in school here. reporting from the will talks about stuff. the r.p. interviews intriguing story are you. trying.
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to find out more visit or a big. surprise you days for news or an r.t. international thanks for joining us the three day cease fire so far holding in gaza on tuesday israel decided to withdraw its army after almost a month of bloody fighting with hamas both sides sent their delegations to cairo to discuss the possibility of securing a longer term deal the i.d.f. meantime says it has completed its main mission which was to target hamas by destroying their hideouts and tunnels the campaign has brought the worst devastation and civilian losses in years and there are many dissenting voices actually within the israeli armed forces. i went and spoke to some of them. you know that there are a lot of soldiers a come back and say to yourself what the hell are we doing here why are we using so
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much force why are we treating them this way is one such form israeli soldier she calls herself an occupation activist and was one of fifty reserve troops to sign an open letter to the washington post but fusing was talking. about during the service i didn't talk about this thing in so many out there you just a part of it but more and more soldiers are choosing not to be part of an army increasingly seen as the bully in the region are spending billions and billions. or . defend them and there is no talk of different. we're not prepared for the river possibility overcoming five wars in eighty years levanon two thousand and six thirty four days more than eight hundred people killed and in the end israel faced an even stronger hizbollah for devastating wars
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with them us two thousand and six eight twelve and fourteen thousand killed international outrage and in the end israel faced a unity government between former rivals hamas and fatah foreign policy was it we had four years in the which we lost the middle east we lost turkey we in the way lost egypt. and we are of very isolated in the middle east and many would argue more vulnerable the latest operation protective age has done seemingly little to protect israel in the long term you're not going to finish by trying to physically or destroy her last visit and there's nothing that indicates that it will work this time or indeed the next time and that's taking its toll on the reputation of what was once considered one of the world's most efficient fighting force was the hope is that the coming days will see a permanent cease fire in place but bottom line gaza is in tatters mistrust between
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israelis and palestinians is at an all time high policy r.t. tell of of . israel fired four thousand rockets at gaza was nearly nineteen hundred and us to use killed around four hundred thirty of them with children the mission also damaged over one hundred sixty schools along with twenty four hospitals with child being over flowing with the injured and dying locals the un estimates up to four hundred eighty five thousand gazans were displaced and bill van s feld from the human rights watch says it's fair to brown this operation as a. operation has been a catastrophic failure. you know whether or not we will continue to see rocket launches whether or not the israeli political and military leadership feels they are able to claim success now is of less direct concern than the fact that gaza's
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infrastructure is on the brink of collapse there has been such massive destruction in areas that the israeli military declared a no go zone that covered almost half of gaza's territory many families were not able to return to the remains of their homes not their homes but what's left of them a large number of attacks we've seen where attacks were launched without any military objects in the area large numbers of civilians getting killed by very precise advanced weapons and you know despite the fact that there were no rockets being launched from their areas that there were no members of palestinian armed groups in those areas but what's most important from our perspective is that there be accountability for the crimes that have been committed here ceasefire or no ceasefire i mean we've seen cease fires in the past be held up as as justifications when western countries or the israeli military claims that hamas violated the cease fire in the past that has been held up as a justification and
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a claim that any future civilian deaths would be the responsibility of hamas for violating the cease fire and that is completely incorrect and quite dangerous what has to happen is that you know the laws of war need to stop being violated and that finally for once in gaza there needs to be criminal accountability for war crimes. and the decision to scale back the operation follows a chorus of global condemnation spain's outrage is just seen it become the second country to ban arms sales to tel aviv motor spain though britain now saying it is reviewing its eight billion pound weapons agreement with israel mahmud a british labor m.p. he told my colleague kevin owen he seriously doubt his country's condemnation will go any further than words unfortunately they have dragged their feet for too long they can even condemn this portion ality of the action that's taking place which bank you wouldn't quite rightly said is a war crime and the issues are so desperate about innocent people men women and
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very very young children paris warsi from u.k. foreign office resigned initially from the government she she couldn't support this anymore you think we'll see more people of doing that kind of thing or not why i certainly hope so i think you know until we start to come to terms with those and not listen to the rhetoric that the i.d.f. israeli government is putting forward and look at the what's happening on the ground you have to try and do that you're a burning in britain is second largest city there you want to fly the palestinian flag over city hall but the council said no i will continue to fight for that because it's about recognising the devastation that's taking place against innocent people civilians and children this is what this is about this is not about taking sides in a dispute that's going on about territory and who should be what this is about an unjust strike and retaliation against people who are unable to defend themselves. well british police have now spent exactly seven hundred seventy seven days
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watching ecuador's embassy in london of course wiki leaks founder julian. also on the website the pope's already an active. get off. the first t.v. debate on scottish independence has seen the leaders of both camps clashing just weeks before the historic referendum alex salmond the leader of the scottish national party taking on. the head of the better together campaign. while running up to the debate news reports were saying that alex salmon the leader of the scottish national party had been advised to remain statesman like throughout the debate but the gloves came off from both of the leaders actually pretty quickly alistair darling the leader of the benteke together campaign was accused of being
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quite shouty throughout the debate as well perhaps the best sound bite to come out of the evening was of alex salmond explaining why he thinks scotland should become an independent country more. than tory m.p.'s in scotland but we still get the tory government but he had a bit of difficulty answering specific questions about the currency and about the economy he was asked repeatedly both by alistair darling and by members of the audience about which currency scotland would have if it couldn't retain the pound as westminster is saying that it can't he didn't have a concrete answer to that he avoided the question about what his contingency plan b. c. or d. would be another heated exchange was when alex salmond was asking alistair darling if he thinks scotland could be a successful independent country he was dodging that question pretty much as much
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as alex salmond was dodging the currency question he didn't want to give an answer and he did manage to avoid it i don't want to see your children's future gambled away i want to have the best of both worlds in fact it's not clear and experts say that t.v. debates very rarely has any sway in these very important issues that they rarely make a difference because a lot of scots will have already made up their mind which way they want to vote so the aim of this debate was for the undecided voters to sway into some way or another. a senior u.s. army general who's being killed in the afghan capital major general how old green is now highest ranking officer to die in an overseas war since vietnam all the victims taken by surprise though the attacker was dressed in a military uniform is all of these honest. more information on the gunmen is yet to be released but we do know that he was shot dead on site now according to
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a pentagon spokesperson the shooter is believed to be an afghan soldier who has served for quite some time this incident is reported to be an insider a top when members of the afghan forces turn against the nato led military coalition who are on the ground in afghanistan to train them this latest incident comes as the u.s. aims to end operations in afghanistan in the near future of course while leasing the key part of its tragedy on the ground on training afghan forces usually such insider attacks involve regular soldiers outraged by the continued presence of foreign troops on the ground and disgruntled by the way this one of course being the longest in u.s. history the sweetest still called green on blue which is the first of its kind in months yet far from the first in this war insider shootings peaked in twenty twelve in afghanistan recorded a dozen such incidents that number is officially sent him declined to fifteen last year more details will be brought into the light as the investigation of the
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shooting gathers in the east what is certain is that it's a troublesome occurrence so close to a planned and of u.s. operations on the ground and r.t. new york. one hundred years on the world is commemorating the start of the great war which the battles took place in western europe being the main focus and ultimately those leaving the eastern front largely overlooked is aussies are assessing the role of russia in the first world war. plans ferdinand's in late set off a chain of events that would lead to the great war within a matter of days the great powers of europe particularly had war on each other and on this day exactly a century ago austria-hungary declared war on russia when it all started cranks cheered and welcome the fighting little did they know of the horrors that lay ahead while the battle lines were drawn long before russia joined with britain and france forming the allied powers on one side and on the other side the central powers of
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austria-hungary in germany later joined by the ottoman empire and bowl garia while russia fielded five million men at the start almost as much as germany and austria hungary combined and war raged everywhere. and always warships delivered tons of ranks with the explosion shaken expanse of the seas conflict filled the sky city for the first time and pilots of the first war planes were regarded as he writes the breakthrough for russia came in nine hundred sixteen russian armies managed to ram through enemy lines almost one hundred kilometers into austrian territory threatened the central powers sent thirty divisions to the eastern front easing the burden for the allies in the west from that moment too many it lost the strategic advantage bucks it was too late for russia the people exhausted by war coupled with the weakened government so read revolution it enjoying growing support the
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bolsheviks urged troops to abandon their post let germany have whatever it wants by nine hundred eighteen the war ended for russia but despite that the role it played is hard to overstate it carried on it shoulders alone the burden of the eastern front and helped end the war which would claim eighteen million lives. time to get some t.v. magic for you here not international up next a close up look at how we make the news on this network the latest episode of news team coming your way. to. clean more zero casualties war this is the great fantasy of warmongering politicians. capturing people is messy
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what do you do if the innocent killing them easy we reserve the right to kill any person anywhere any time. they can do that listen for they can be trained to muslims makes these things are very dangerous and politicians get a new kind of power via this technology that is very tempting. in fish farms waters do you have the pond to me because. i saw it spread all over and over is the most toxic food you have in the whole will profit drowns out in the judicial inquiry furthermore those restrictions.
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really knows what's inside the feeling. odd. choose your language. because you know if the material going to stay still for the most likely to no avail. if you decide to choose to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that. choose the stories that imply. truth be accessed through. signs of more. red square demonstrations or fiesta.


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